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54-115 Wrocław
Case study
In 2018 and 2019 we cooperated with Cinema New Horizons on the promotion of the New Horizon International Film Festival which has been one of the major film events in Poland and this part of Europe since 2001.

Within our cooperation with Cinema New Horizons, we were responsible for their social media management, including Facebook, Instagram, and InstaStories. We also gave a second life to the community gathered in the cinema’s Facebook group.

The cinema is on the mission to project artistic, unconventional, and uncompromising cinema. Each year, the festival gathers more than 100 000 cinema buffs. It’s also a great meeting place for directors and creators from all over the world.
Commitment at a high level
Working on a 10-day festival follows its own rules: it’s dynamic, often surprising, and demands full engagement 24 hours a day. For us, it was another opportunity to prove ourselves in what we do best: engage people both in social media and offline.

With the help of volunteers and the unbeatable New Horizons team, we achieved some great numbers*:

Estimated social media reach of 9.4 billion

likes 72k
interactions 77k
media mentions 3632
comments 4081

Numbers of cinema’s Facebook group

new members 937
social media posts 1343
comments 5824
reactions 25458

* Data from Brand24.