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Case study
Resibo is one of the leading brands on the Polish market that produce natural cosmetics. It is characterised by high effectiveness and its ingredients are imported from all over the world. Resibo cosmetics are 98.8% natural and 100% vegan. The brand promotes natural beauty, emphasises human diversity and supports women in their daily choices.

What setsthe brand apart?

AMAZING COMPOSITION OF INGREDIENTS: “It's true, there is little to fault in our formulas. Someone may not like the smell, the texture, the packaging or the price, but we have clean hands.”
A DEDICATED RANGE OF PRODUCTS: “We try to meet all your needs, but rather than hundreds of products in our portfolio, we prefer to have a few dozen of them, but locally produced, respectful of the environment and created absolutely on our own terms."
VEGAN PRODUCTS: “We create all our products with harmony with Mother Nature. We love not only meadows and forests, but also all animals!”.
LOVEBRAND: A brand adored by female customers. The most loyal fans want not only cosmetics with the Resibo logo, but also dedicated gadgets like sweatshirts, caps or towels.

We have been working with the Resibo brand since 2020. We support the brand in social media activities: we create content and graphics for their profiles on Instagram and Facebook. We support the brand in campaigns carried out with bloggers and premiere campaigns that inaugurate the launch of new products on the market.

Our work

is based on creating social media content that fulfils the vision and idea of the brand and that fits perfectly into the brand's DNA, hooking into the current marketing flow as well. We stay in constant and close contact with our clients, responding to all private messages, queries and comments. We ask our users for feedback and get back to them after a while with questions about their impressions of the products they tested. We believe that customer service is one of the most important factors in building a relationship with a brand's female customers.
Our initiative also led to the creation of the brand's second account on Instagram @wearesibo, which is the first profile created by the brand in Poland, fully dedicated to the brand's customers. We encourage users to tag the brand on their accounts and publish their opinions and reviews on their profile. In this way, unlike many brands that rely solely on paid collaboration, we want to emphasise how important every customer and opinion is to us. As part of the 'We are resibo' activity, we organise competitions for users, activities with pre-release testing of cosmetics and dedicated live reports.

In addition to this, we support the brand in campaigns with bloggers. We recently coordinated the 'Great Hair Stories' campaign with bloggers who told us their hair stories. We were in charge of selecting the influencers, contacting them and overseeing all the activities.

What else?

We also organise our own social campaigns! One of them is the #loveyourskin campaign, normalising every skin type. With this campaign, we try to make others aware that every skin deserves acceptance and respect and that the appearance of our skin should never be an excuse for social exclusion. We show the more demanding skins and those that require special attention due to illness (atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne).

One of the initiatives we took with the #loveyourskin communication was to launch free psychodermatology consultations, for people whose skin condition and appearance is visibly affecting their mental health.