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54-115 Wrocław
Case study
This young Polish personal hygiene products brand has been our customer since September 2019. Why? To break the taboo connected to menstruation, and bring eco-friendly tampons and menstrual pads to the mainstream.

Despite being a young brand, Your KAYA has already gained significant recognition and reach among informed consumers. We knew that stakes are high right from the beginning

The strategy we’ve developed includes social media communication that reaches similar consumers in social media, increases brand awareness, and thoughtfully communicates the philosophy Your KAYA lives by. As be frank!, we handle YK’s social media accounts, including Facebook profile and group, Instagram, Twitter and support brand collaborations with influencers and the media.
Brand voice
We create content for social media, press releases, and the website. Together with Your KAYA, we’re constantly refining their brand voice which relies on unique expressions and short slogans ending with hilarious or thoughtful punch lines. The content uses common language and the modern internet slang. What’s more, all content is in direct speech and impersonal form (Polish language strongly relies on gender). We really wanted the brand communication to represent an inclusive approach to the user, assuring that no one feels excluded. With this in mind, we completely stopped using feminine gender.
Blogger collaborations
We’re well aware of influencer marketing and the power of close relationships based on individual approach. During last year, we established a long-term collaboration with Joanna Okuniewska, a podcast author, who has been promoting Your KAYA in her podcast episodes. On Instagram, we teamed up with Kasia Koczułap who runs Co z tym seksem profile who recorded a few Insta Stories on relevant topics for YK users. One of the last influencer collaborations included Vogule Poland channel which was huge and was highly appreciated by the YouTube community.

#mensTRUEacjaby Your KAYA

It’s a Facebook group that initially followed up their main Facebook profile. As of today, the group gathers twelve thousand users and serves as a separate medium and a safe space for members. Topics raised in the group not only concern menstruation but also femininity, sex, or health. Users can freely seek advice and support from experts. The group is the living proof of the importance of proactive approach and beginning the dialogue that not only serves the promotion of a product but, most importantly, speaks to the values the brand represents.