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Case study
tołpa is one of the most conscious and unique brands on the market. Our task was to polish tołpa’s style of brand communication in social media. As a result, we’ve been forging tołpa’s communicatiation on Facebook and Instagram since 2016. To have an even better understanding of tołpa’s niche and create the right solutions, we analyzed loads of big data. In 2018, we launched a dedicated platform closely connected to tołpa’s Facebook group. At the same time, we went for social listening to see what tołpa’s customers have to say about the brand and its products on the Web.

Here are some of the little things
we did that moved the needle:

  • Established structures within the social media management department
  • Stepped into Instagram and turned it into one of the most effective sales channel
  • Created and implemented tołpa’s social media strategy
  • Created and moderated tołpa’s Facebook group
  • Improved pre and post-sale customer service
  • Analyzed and introduced new solutions for particular social media platforms

we are


Building an aesthetic feed, engaging and publishing brilliant content is our way of doing things. Using all features available on Instagram, we’ve also accommodated a previously unused communication channel – InstaStories. Being the source of direct contact with the brand and the place of knowledge about proper skincare, Instagram supports promotion and sales as well.


Copywriting that awakens curiosity is our thing – we know how to describe a product so that you want to read more, more, and more. In the case of tołpa, it’s been a pleasure as the brand has already had its own, unique voice. It was our starting point in the discussion about the community. Oh, right. About direct messages… Believe us, we are not chatbots. We always find a moment to talk to a brand’s clients, to create a bond. And stay remembered.

facebook group

We knew that the followers of the brand wanted their voice to be heard. With that in mind, we gave them a space to do it. It happened long before Facebook groups were the thing. Just after a few months, the group became a place for talks about skin care and discussions about cosmetics. Also, it’s become the first place for clients to ask about advice.

PS. Looking for skin care plans? We write them ourselves. Thanks to the tołpa's cosmetologist, we learnt how to do it. Now we are more groomed then ever.

facebook bot

With our friends from Kodabots, we released a chatbot which was an important part of the #zmywamysie campaign. The chatbot supports e-commerce, presents the offer and generates personalized discount codes. The bot also promotes knowledge about skin care using quizzes.

Each year, since our cooperation started, we’ve been creating and managing several campaigns with larger and smaller creators. Every single one of them is equally important to us and tołpa no matter how influential they are.
  • number of conversations undertaken (2msc) 2380
  • increase in conversations undertaken +730%
  • number of messages taken 91 000
Each year, since our cooperation started, we’ve been creating and managing several campaigns with larger and smaller creators. Every single one of them is equally important to us and tołpa no matter how influential they are.

kampania: tołpa off

12 popular bloggers

Over 1mln views

We are the first cosmetic brand in Poland that allows bloggers to take over our social media profiles.

in shares:
in viral reach:
daily reach:
Increase in
organic reach:

Using our social media channels and the dedicated website, we started a discussion about things that are important: the comfort of life and making the right life decisions. We ask our viewers what the word “off” mean for them. It’s our all-time favorite campaign made a few years ago.

1. Some of the most popular bloggers temporarily shut down their blogs. During their absence, they were recording videos and telling stories about what “off” means for them.

2. The shut-down of their blogs was a part of invitation of all tołpa’s customers. Using a dedicated #tolpaOFF hashtag, we invited our customers to share their ways to disconnect and be more “off”. To display all hashtagged posts, tołpa created a separate website with a social media wall.

3. We invited bloggers and organized a meet-up summing up the campaign. To put our minds at ease, we dined in the dark. During the dinner, we exchanged our thoughts and ideas about the campaign.

What others think about the campaign?

With the idea of building the campaign around the slow life trend, the brand encouraged people to find peace in being “off”. tołpa asked these few bloggers to unpublish their blogs for a day, because the brand believes that less is more. The campaign was a huge success and was highly appreciated both by consumers and the media. It put the brand in the spotlight. Such a creative approach gave more than the usual, product-oriented and salesy communication we fed with on a daily basis.

PR without ties / PR bez krawatów

First of all, the brand crafts its communication holistically. They do more than just come up with cool product names and beautiful Instagram account. Their coherence is visible across the brand, beginning from print ads, packaging, partnerships, social media comments to their website and so on. Below you can find a short clip about the tołpa:off campaign. Here you can download their magazine. Secondly, tołpa’s communication is deeply rooted and stems from their strategy and identity. Thirdly, the brand is authentic and human.


tołpa’s campaign sets an example for other brands. The brand came up with the “our off is the new on” slogan which draws from the slow life philosophy the brand cherishes. Turning tołpa into a lifestyle brand, gave it a new shine and and grabbed the attention of both their target audience and new, previously uninterested audience.


That was something really unusual: shutting down a few prominent blogs for a day. We’re talking here about tołpa’s perverse tołpa:off campaign including Jan Faver, Kasia Gandor, Alina Rose and Łukasz Kielban from Czas Gentlemanów. The campaign was, quite successfully, designed to prove that disconnecting from the virtual world is beneficial and can help in pursuing other offline hobbies.

Even though we could come up with quite the same arguments against the campaign just as it was in the case of the “Log into life”, which was also launched online, this one is a bit different. It went a step further and actually unpublished popular blogs for a day.