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Case study
Zieleniec Ski Arena is one of the most prominent and largest ski resorts in Poland, with its history dating back to the turn of the 20th century.

Its brand stands out in terms of huge social media engagement and crisp communication.

Becoming the most popular ski resort on Facebook and Instagram took us three years. Our formula? Lightning-fast response time, massive engagement, and fine-tuned content.

We neatly crafted a style of communication that quickly caught on and became a role model for other ski resorts. We also created a few hashtags that have engraved into the ski resort community.
#szusowanko #misszielenca #zieleniecsiezrobi #mysiezimynieboimy #zieleniecpoddajesieostatni

Here you can see some numbers we delivered:

Total increase in the number of fans 70 558
Daily reach +870%
Viral reach +1980%
Organic reach +976%
Engagement of fans 1845%

A chatbot is our employee of the month

With a chatbot in place, we provided a completely new, fresh, and yet unexplored customer experience within the ski resorts. Additionally, we integrated the chatbot with a local weather station so that it provides people in the area with current weather forecast. It even responds to people’s questions and serves as a reliable source of information about snow conditions, events, and the number of active slopes. To make sure customer service is tip-top, we analyzed customer queries from the past two years and implemented an extensive FAQ section.
  • The number of conversations in the first winter season 7000
  • The number of subscribers 4000
  • The daily number of customer queries 80
Increased engagement
Increased time users spend interacting with the brand


We wanted to build a clean and friendly website that works smoothly both for desktop and mobile visitors. It quickly dawned on us that, apart from being desktop-and-mobile-friendly, the website should also be glove-friendly. After all, its visitors will use it mostly during winter, most certainly with winter gloves on!
With this usability aspect in mind, we went for a simple interface which people can easily navigate in with their gloves on.
How it moved the needle? We tripled the time spent on site for mobile users.
  • increasing
  • new users

poszusowane Group

We knew that Facebook groups were in full bloom those days, therefore we created the poszusowane group to support skiers and snowboarders, and create a space where they can communicate with each other.

All in all, after more than three years of hard work, we finally went above and beyond our expectations.

The winter of 2017 / 2018 was the first season of our cooperation with Zieleniec Ski Arena and was immensely fruitful. We established what we call flow frames and formed the brand identity. At the same time, we collected loads of useful and actionable data we used later. Consequently, Zieleniec Ski Arena became the most popular ski resort in Poland with the largest following and engagement of all ski resorts out there. And it’s still growing!